Monday, August 4, 2014

Round Three: Ding Ding Ding

Today was bittersweet, as I started back to school. This is already year three of being an online instructor. Yes, I wish my summer was longer like when I worked in brick and mortar, but I like how I have the month of August to get reconnected to my co-workers and students and finish planning for the year ahead. I still hold fast to the notion that I just get "good at being on vacation" when it's time for it to end.

As I checked my school email last night, to be sure to be prepared for today's schedule, I found out that my administrator left. As I was to be "settling in" for the night, my mind immediately went into high gear as I was creating and solving problems in my head. I thought this might lead to an awkward day today.

I was pleasantly surprised (why I was surprised, I do not know) of how organized today was. We had a staff meeting in which the three new instructional coaches stepped up to the plate, divided up the most pressing of the Academic Administrator's duties among themselves, and took them on in the interim. Not one of them is asking for extra pay and they have been "back to work" for probably two weeks already. I have such dedicated, caring and "want the best for everyone" co-workers! I am reminded of that often. When there is work to be done, we never have a problem with waiting for someone to volunteer to do it; it just happens. Often, people will decide on something that needs to be done on their own. They will do whatever that unnamed task is and then share their work with the rest, saving the rest of us the time and effort. Having the privilege to work with such kind, proactive people is refreshing.

Also inspiriting, is the attitude of newly hired staff. We got to "meet" them today in our virtual staff meeting. I shared with them a Google doc that I created last year of all of the things I was taught when I started two years ago, but also all of the things I wish I'd known sooner. I shared that with them and it was well-received as were the thanks I was sent in return.

As you start back to school educators, or as you come back from a vacation or maybe just the weekend to your job, I challenge you. Do you step up to the plate when needed? How will you help a newbie? Is your attitude considered refreshing?

I hope your brain is in "high gear."

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  1. Jena
    Thanks for sharing and you added a picture.
    I think it is so important the ideas you mentioned. Often people sit back and say it's not my job. We are all leaders and we all need to step up to the plate.
    Thanks for sharing