Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Don't Vote Me Off the Island

In many verbal chats and text chats recently, I've run across educators judging themselves harshly and usually judging themselves against others and their accomplishments. Buckle your seatbelt; I'm letting out a secret. Each time, it was a woman who was at the keyboard or mobile device. (Please don't vote me off the island, ladies.)

Do men do this as well? Why are women so hard on themselves with regard to success? I've decided that for me, because yes I do this too, I gather a huge group of people in my head, and name all of those peoples' great feats, and then compare and contrast those to just mine alone. wonder I feel inadequate at times!

We are individuals. We all have gifts for which to be thankful and reasons for which to be appreciated. We cannot always put ourselves last and others first and do not always put ourselves first and others last. We deserve time to unplug, skip a blog post, or even serve cold cereal for supper. Teachers help create miracles every day whether it's helping a child to love reading, or to brainstorm for the creation a science project or learn how to write his or her name. Give yourselves credit for goodness sakes.

I think that many times, we tend to forget many of the important things we do and it takes someone else to point them out to us. Or we feel like we're bragging if we say something. Why is that? Why do we find it easier to focus on the negative? Why do we feel we're lacking versus basking the awesomeness that we help create?

This is why, blogging to document feelings, occurrences and yes, even taking time "toot our own horns" noting our feats of greatness is a wonderful and most appropriate. On any given "rainy day" in our lives, we can go back and see the roller coaster of life we've experienced.

Pay it forward and "like" on someone's Facebook status, reply to a Tweet or comment on a blog post. You just never know whose day will turn awesome due to your comment or in whose life you'll help create a happy moment.


  1. Love this! Have you read Sheryl Sandburg's book Lean In? Put it on your list and check out! It won't disappoint!

    1. Thanks, Missy! I'll for sure add that to my reading list. :)

  2. Bravo, Gadget Girl! I appreciate how you articulated how many professionals feel. Still mulling over the gender difference, though.

    1. Heh...yes the gender difference. I sense another blog post topic. LOL

  3. Yes, I think we all do it men or me included. I think as you have written about we don't step back enough to say thank you nor do we stop to think how the simple things can help others. Yes take a day off from blogging and take time for yourself you deserve it. We need to take care of ourselves before we can help others. Perhaps women have more of a maternal instinct, but I think we are all guilty and most ppl don't like tooting their own horn.

    Thank you for making me realize once again how important the little things are Great Post!

  4. I think as teachers in general we are too hard on ourselves... I am always more likely to focus on the 1 thing that didn't work, rather than the myriad of others that did. Is it because of who I am as a person? I don't know.

    I really appreciate you sharing this so openly on your blog... it was important for many of us to read it, especially me.

    Taking your advice to heart... it starts with each of us, stepping outside of ourselves, & trying to brighten another person's day:)

    thanks for the reminder Jena!