Saturday, August 2, 2014

Got Goosebumps?

I do some of my best thinking while curling my hair. Maybe that's why I keep doing it versus going with a "wash & go" hairstyle. :)

This morning, I realized how excited I am to be going back to work on Monday more connected than ever. I've considered myself a "connected educator" for quite some time, but as I hear my phone chirping to indicate a new vox (this was not a noun for me last year at this time), or chiming to indicate that my Twitter feed erupting, I know that instant PD or "do it myself learning" is right in my hands (or in my purse). As I've now added more professional contacts, my Facebook's notifications numbers ever increasing as well. Before I even got out of bed this morning, I'd connected with educators from all of the country and was added to another professional learning Voxer group.

It is SO empowering to be in charge of my learning! To be in the driver's seat to discover something that I want to learn in my own time and on my own terms about gives me goosebumps. What will be YOUR next "goosebumps moment?"


  1. I love it... I secretly do my best thinking in motion... walking outside, on the treadmill. I sadly have kind of given that up over the course of the last year after finding Muay Thai kick boxing... need to get back into that for sure:)

    I love hearing teachers who are as excited to go back as students are... I know that once the school supplies are bought it is a game changer around here. Our job is the only one I know of where teachers experience the excitement of celebrating New Years not once but twice a year! How cool is that?

    So... on that note... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Jena
    Thanks for sharing
    I think that being a connected educator helps us learn and grow. As it says in Ethics of Our Fathers; " who is truly wise one who learns from everyone"

    Have a great Day

  3. I hope your 1st day back was EPIC! We sort of went back today for PD (I held a sheep brain!) and all I could talk about was how much I love all the social networking I've been doing. I kept making connections and felt so empowered by all the Twitter knowledge I have received this past month. As one of my favorite picture book characters says "Isn't it great?" - Woolbur