Thursday, July 31, 2014

Not the "Same Old, Same Old"

My husband brought in the mail, like he does every day, and said that I'd gotten a letter from my school. I figured it was the usual - an agenda for the "back to school" plan as I start back to work this coming Monday. I opened the letter after supper and was ready for a check list of "to do" items or a "get ready for..."paragraph. I was pleasantly surprised that it was instead a thank you letter. I am not even kidding.

It's not that I was never thanked in my teaching career, but my current school takes the time to thank the staff and does it OFTEN. I am not used to this and it still takes me by surprise. I smiled and smiled and smiled more as I read the letter. I read the letter three times and then handed it to my husband so he could read it. He was even more excited than I. My son held his hand out, as he was curious what the obvious displays of happiness was all about, and wanted to read the letter as well.

It contained the "year-end metrics" that my school keeps track of throughout the year, but also reminded that the administration knows that we staff members made many more gains and made huge contributions that do not show up in these "metrics" and thanked me (and other staff members, as I'm sure they received it too) for the hard work and dedication to our school.

I always tell my children and my students, "One thing you can never over do is thanking someone." One thank you certainly goes a long way. It's SO nice to be appreciated; I can hardly put it into words.

Thank you. Really.


  1. Jena
    Well said
    We often forget how the by doing what's simple and easy we can have such a huge impact and effect on people.


  2. As a Southern girl, I have never underestimated the power of a "Thank You" note. However, it is especially important when it comes from someone who also pays you. It just reminds me that going above and beyond can be simple. But so powerful. And so meaningful. It is obvious that your admin put people first and that is a beautiful thing.