Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Count Your Blessings - Often

I am once again reminded that I am SO blessed! I just got done with dinner out with my girlfriends - girlfriends I've had since 3rd grade. I am so fortunate that we all live within an hour of one another and that we can make this happen. We call ourselves the "Fake Homemakers." There are actual "real" homemakers groups that meet monthly and discuss <insert something worthwhile and homemaker-ish>. We call ourselves "fake" since we are not sanctioned by the county (rebels), nor do we follow any rules. Our focus is simple: be together.

My circle of friends has gone through a time of many hardships. We've helped each other through job changes, divorces, deaths of parents, close family members and even children. These events lead us to the epiphany that things happen in life and that we never know how long we will have the gift of one another. We made a pact to get together on a monthly basis, but with no rules.

If we meet at someone's house, that is fine. We can eat off the best china, or paper plates. We can order in, or have a potluck. We can can cook a meal for the group or just have snacks. We'd like for it to be a "mommies' night out" but we'd rather you came with your kids versus staying home. In the past, we've had "field trips" and have gone places together. Some months, we bring optional "door prizes" which usually amounts to Christmas napkins in February or 4th of July decorations in August. (Tonight I got two cute pads of paper and a ring.)

All too often, life gets going in a whirlwind and we forget to just sit back, look around, and be thankful for the abundance that we have.

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  1. Jena
    Great post and thanks for sharing
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